The second trailer for the upcoming Hellboy reboot is here, and it’s much more epic due to the fact that it can now celebrate its newly-approved official R-rated status. The Hellboy ‘Red Band’ trailer manages to show more from the movie without having to hold anything back, and the results are hellishly glorious.

The new Hellboy trailer begins with a brief recap of Hellboy’s origin story. Even though it was already told in Guillermo Del Toro’s 2004 Hellboy movie, it’s still being recounted in a short flashback sequence. We still see iconic Hellboy villain Gregory Rasputin summoning Hellboy into this world, before the fated meeting of Trevor Bruttenholm and baby Hellboy (who, if you read the comics, is a character unto himself).

Hellboy Red Band 1
Gregory Rasputin
Hellboy Red Band 2
Baby Hellboy

Hellboy accuses Bruttenholm of turning him into a “goddamn weapon”, to which Daniel Dae Kim’s Ben Daimio, Hellboy’s colleague in the BPRD (Bureau For Paranormal Research And Defense), hilariously replied with the first F-bomb in the new trailer.

Hellboy Red Band 3
“Where’s my f***ing violin?”

We see a glimpse of the BPRD headquarters situated in the mountains, which is more comics-accurate compared to Del Toro’s take, in which the BPRD headquarters was located out in the open like a typical government building.

Hellboy Red Band 4
BPRD Headquarters

The new trailer gives us a clearer look at Milla Jovovich’s Nimue, also known as the Blood Queen, the main antagonist of the Hellboy movie, as well as her dark powers in action.

Hellboy Red Band 5
Nimue the Blood Queen.

Hellboy stabs a member of the Osiris Club / Wild Hunt right in the throat, showcasing the movie’s gore. The Osiris Club is an ancient secret organization who organizes the Wild Hunt, in which they hunt literal giants.

We witness the mystic powers of Sasha Lane’s Alice Monaghan for the first time, as she seemingly punches the soul out of an enemy combatant.

Hellboy lifts Excalibur from the stone, which is his birthright. Big Red is actually a descendant of King Arthur on his mother’s side.

Hellboy Red Band

Hellboy Red Band

The highlight of the new trailer for me was this, finally watching Ben Daimio transform into his were-jaguar form. It’s very a gruesome and graphic transformation, as his nails peel away to make way for his feral jaguar claws, though I admit that it looks smaller than I remembered from the comics.

Hellboy teams up with were-jaguar Ben Daimion against a pissed-off Gruagach in Grom’s body (a fairy stuck inside an anthropomorphic boar monster).

Hellboy V Giants.

Hellboy AKA Anung Un Rama (which means “and upon his brow is set a crown of flame”) AKA Beast of the Apocalypse in all his hellish glory, horns and all, riding a dragon into the depths of hell. It doesn’t get any more Hellboy than this, folks.

I maintain 2019’s Hellboy is my most anticipated comic book movie, well, next to Avengers: Endgame, that is. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is one of the best comic books out there, and it deserves to be in the spotlight as much as Marvel and DC.

Neil Marshall’s Hellboy is slated to arrive on 11 April 2019. In the meantime, check out my breakdown and analysis of the first Hellboy trailer here.




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