Leak Suggests Fortnite Implementing Respawn Vans

“Hey, can I copy your homework”, said Fortnite.
“Sure, just change it a bit so it doesn’t look obvious”, Apex Legends replied.
“No problem!”, Fortnite gleefully answered.

I think this is the dialogue between rivals Fortnite and Apex Legends recently, as a respawn system in Fortnite was leaked.

Some eagle-eyed players spotted a van around the map since Season 8 arrived, and it might be the respawn points I’ve been going on about. It’s in the shape of a van with a player hologram on top.

Fortnite leaker, FortTory had a go in the in-game files and found that within the associated mesh files, the vehicle is referred to as a ‘Second Chance Van’. Smells fishy to me.

A further dig into the files reveals a mesh that refers to player cards to pick up, probably after a teammate has been ‘thirsted’.

Maybe, just maybe, players have to bring the cards to the Second Chance Vans to respawn their teammates.

Another new feature present in Fortnite is a ping system. Which sounds quite familiar, I just don’t know where they got that from. Way to go Epic for inventing new mechanics in Fortnite.

All in all, just keep in mind that, the Second Chance Vans are still a leak, and with all leaks, take it with a grain of salt.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

A budding writer and an avid gamer. I hunt monsters, drive race cars, and slay space gods to keep the Last City safe.

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  1. dude pings have always been in fortnite, they’ve just updated them to make them better

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