Even Domino’s Is Taking A Potshot At Apex Legends’ Mozambique

As if the Mozambique shotgun isn’t weak enough, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has fired shots aimed at the weakest gun in the Apex Legends weapon arsenal.

Oh, wait until you read the comments. They are hilarious!

One user commented, “Even the pizza can deal more damage than the Mozambique”. Another user referred to the game’s stellar ping system saying “Dominos pizza here”, “Dibs”. Some even say that ‘Domino’s chilli flakes can beat the Mozambique’. I couldn’t blame Domino’s for that low blow, as the Mozambique is barely an adequate weapon even in early game fights.

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Author: Syazwan Bahri

A budding writer and an avid gamer. I hunt monsters, drive race cars, and slay space gods to keep the Last City safe.

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