Hot Toys is ready to bring the hellfire as the company officially announces a new line of Hellboy Hot Toys collectibles based on the upcoming Hellboy reboot directed by Neill Marshall. This was revealed in a tweet posted by the Hot Toys Twitter account earlier today.

Though the tweet doesn’t reveal when the new line of Hellboy Hot Toys will arrive or even a glimpse of how they will look like, it does promise that they will be unveiled soon. The Hellboy movie is slated to release on 11 April 2019 so it will certainly be legendary if Hot Toys were to at least reveal some of them near the release date.

Hot Toys previously released Hellboy figures based on Guillermo Del Toro’s version of Big Red, as portrayed by Ron Perlman. Take a look at that below.

Hellboy Hot Toys Del Toro

I’m hoping to get a Hot Toys figure of either Ben Daimio’s were-Jaguar form or the Hellboy in Mexico’s bat-wrestler.

Hellboy 12
This would make a great figurine.

In the meantime, check out our breakdown and analysis of the recent red band Hellboy trailer here, or rewatch it below.



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