One Of Dead Or Alive 6’s Costume-Based Pet Peeves Will Be Fixed This Month

Thanks for listening to your DOA fanbase, Koei Tecmo. DOA 6’s  crème de la crème, the outfits and costumes, will take less time to unlock thanks to a new update.

As mentioned on our review, players can gain costume parts by 3-starring missions in DOA Quest. However, there are a finite number of quests and only so many costume parts to toss around. Plus, grinding for costume parts on Arcade, Ranked, Survival, and Time Attack takes a long, long while since you only gain about less than 10 of them

Right now, the bonus for getting these parts when playing those modes have been multiplied to a 100. Not bad! In addition, the game’s mid-March update will stop the random distribution of costume parts. Once it’s applied, you’ll only get pieces for a character you currently use. Which means a lot of you will get your Kasumi and Hitomi bikinis and skimpy clothing soon enough with a bit more grinding.

Perhaps this may entice you to buy and play the game? In any case, do check out our review here (we kinda liked it) and our short video below.

Author: Team KKP

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