Lo and behold, the second season of Destiny 2‘s annual pass has arrived on time as according to the convenient roadmap. The season will run from March till May and will include a ton of content updates.

From the ViDoc, we can see there’s a new exotic quest (I’m looking at you, Thorn), deep lore surrounding the Nine, a mysterious group, and the Drifter, and eventually a raid. But the highlight of this season is ‘Gambit Prime’. Gambit is a PVP and PVE hybrid introduced in the Forsaken expansion. Bungie said that this is a more intense, high-octane version of Gambit, with roles being the emphasis of this mode. New sets of special Gambit Prime armours are also available. Not forgetting two new Gambit maps which take place on Titan and Mars.

The ViDoc also snippets of The Reckoning, which is a playable area inside the Drifter’s ball he’s been lugging around behind his ship. We can finally unravel the mystery behind the Drifter and his ship, The Derelict.

Here’s more of what you can expect over the next coming weeks:

The annual pass started off with the ‘Season of the Forge’ in December and ended in February, continuing with ‘Season of the Drifter’, which would run up until May. Then comes ‘Season of Opulence, which will arrive in June and would continue till August.

There are still no clues whether Bungie will continue with Destiny 2 after ‘Season of Opulence’ or commit with Destiny 3. As always, we’ll wait for E3 for more information.

In the meantime, why don’t we check out what the Drifter has in store for us.


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