Blue Orb Fragments, And Where To Find Them


4 Blue Orb Fragments = 1 vitality slot to your health bar. You’d want to find these freebies.

Mission 1

  • When you drop down to the lower section of the bridge, immediately turn around. The blue orb is under the overhang behind you.

Mission 2

  • In the room where you get the second Nidhogg there’s a destroyable floor. Jump down for your prize.

Mission 3 

  • After using the second grapple point to jump to another building, jump down to its lower level and turn around. The orb is nestled in there.
  • This fragment is in the same broken staircase room as the secret mission below. Stairs spiral upwards around the walls to a point where they’re broken, around the third story. Proceed to the top of the stairs, then wall-jump up to a platform above the doorway you’ll be exiting from. From here use the grapple point to jump up through a hole in the ceiling and find another blue orb.

Mission 4

  • You’ll find a Nidhogg hatchling before proceeding through some city streets. At the end of one street will be a tentacle wall you can destroy with the hatchling. Use it to get past the wall and collect the blue orb within.

Mission 8

  • After completing the secret mission listed on our bottom list, go back to the ledge and proceed up another grapple point to the top of the chamber. You’ll make your way to the last bloody transit vein of the level. Before you enter, walk around behind the vein and kill the root hiding there. You’ll hear a sound, and when you walk back to the front to enter the vein, a blue orb chunk will have appeared.

Mission 9

  • After a fight with a swordsman and some other enemies you’ll find a wall of thorns to your left. Summon Nightmare to attack the Qlipoth lot on the other side and you’ll get access to this.

Mission 10

  • After the second room with a clenching door you’ll be in a corridor. Keep an eye on the right-hand wall just above head height. Jump into the opening and clear the room and you’ll get an orb fragment as a prize.

Mission 12

  • In the room with the pools of blood you’ll eventually unlock all of the Nidhogg locks. Behind one of the blood sacs (near where Dante comments on it being a crossroad) is a room with a couple of platforms. Follow these for your prize.

Mission 15

  • After defeating a behemoth you’ll come to a room with some enemies you don’t have to kill. There’s a grapple pad on the floor though, so clear everything out and then follow this path to the top for another blue fragment.

Mission 16

  • Just follow the path the level sets out and you’ll eventually come to a place where there is a blue orb on the other side of a long drop. The easiest way to get this one is with the Sin Devil Trigger active and just hover over.

Secret Missions, All Of Them


Secret Missions give you different objectives for different rewards. Usually, these can get tough, so prepare yourself when doing these.

Mission 2

The first Secret Mission is found in Mission 2. As you make your way through the level you’ll come to a building that is falling apart and filled with tentacles. As you progress through this area you will come to a bit where a tentacle will destroy the corridor in front of you.

If you duck into the opening it has made a tutorial pop-up will explain what a Secret Mission is and how to activate them. Beat this one for a Blue Orb fragment.

Tips: All you need to do is kill the demons; easy, right? You can take a few hits, there’s a generous 90 second clock, and the enemies are fairly squishy. Just make sure you prioritise the flying demons that heal the others to make it that bit easier.

Mission 3

Secret Mission number 2 is found in Mission 3. Once you enter the sewers you will have to take down some more Qliphoth roots in order to progress. After taking out a few of these you’ll come to the room with a broken staircase mentioned above.

If you jump down to the bottom and look up you’ll be able to see the pentagram indicating the secret mission. The little red point you stand on is there on the ground floor under an archway. Beating this one will give you more another Blue Orb fragment.

Tips: You’ll want to try and equip a Devil Breaker with power behind it to cover multiple close enemies at one time. From there you’ll want to rattle the Red Empusa as hard as possible and kill them all before they escape. You don’t need to worry about style ranking here, so abuse your streak ability if need be and level it up for that bit of extra reach.

Mission 4

As you parade through the streets in Mission 4 you will come across an area that is all cobbled and scenic. You’ll have a fight in an area with a wall that has a skeleton mural on it. You can break this wall down using V’s summon Nightmare and then run through it. If you follow this you can get a Nidhogg hatchling.

Go back to the entrance and follow the path to the left of the building with the mural. Once you get to the end there will be two Qliphod roots to destroy using Nidhoggs. Follow this path up and you will see the pentagram ready for your eagle eyes. This will net you a blue orb fragment.

Tips: While this mission seems simple in theory, you might be hard pushed to collect all the red orbs in the allocated time without the Quickplay ability. With the Quickplay ability V will be able to smash through all the tables to collect the red orbs and received an extra boost when jumping to collect the remaining orbs.

Mission 5

Once you have reached the construction site in Mission 5 you will end up being bombarded by the boss above you. As you progress through the fight, and around the time the second tendril tries to attack you, you will see a wall comprised of bits of boxes and some poles. Smash this up and you can follow a yellow staircase up. Once you have got to the top you will be able to line up the pentagram below you. This will earn you a blue orb fragment.

Tips: To complete this secret mission you’ll need your wits about you as avoiding damage can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully there’s plenty of cheese to get around all of the enemies, the most effective of which is to mount Nightmare with the Promotion ability, making you invincible. If you don’t have this ability, your next best bet is to try and make the most of Griffon’s back and attack button to stop encroaching enemies while Shadow finishes them off. Don’t forget to use Griffon’s jump abilities when you’re in a pinch too.

Mission 8

As you are journeying around you will come across these special elevators. At the second one of these, you will see a devil breaker sitting all lonely. Jump over to it and then follow the chain of grappling points into a chasm. Just set up shop in the centre and look around to see the pentagram. This will get you another blue orb fragment.

Tips: All you need is the Air Hike ability and at least Wire Snatch 2. All you gotta do is zip your way to the finish and you’re all set.

Mission 9

You will notice a door covered in thorns that is hiding an orb fragment around the mid-point of the level. Near the door is a red pad to attack with Nightmare which will let you take a new path. The pentagram will be on the wall at the back, and if you jump up to the platform above you’ll be able to line it up. You’ll get a blue orb fragment upon completing it.

Tips: Activate your Devil Trigger, enhance both Griffon and Shadow with your excess gauge, and go ham. Don’t be afraid to drop a few orbs on some purple orbs at the store to earn a little extra Devil Trigger time and invest in Trigger Heart ability to make the most of your resources.

Mission 10

After destroying the Flaming Hellbat enemy there will be two doors ahead of you. Take the one on the right and go all the way to the top. You’ll find that Dante will let you know that you can find something there, simply turn around on that platform and you can see your goal. You’ll get another blue orb fragment for your troubles.

Tips:  As Dante, the main aim is to counter the enemy as it attacks and shoot it at close range for a critical hit. It’s finicky, it’s frustrating, and it’s going to take practice to pass this one.

Mission 12

The next secret can be found after you managed to move the statue by releasing the tides of blood. The statue will move to reveal a series of stairs to a series of tunnels. At one point you will jump up a series of stone stairs, while on these stairs you will want to turn around and jump on the ledge overarching them and look back towards the stairs to get a glimpse at the next secret mission. Yep, you’ll get a blue orb fragment for completing this.

Tips: Buy Air Hike, Enemy Step, and Gunslinger & Trickster style buffs. These should be sufficient in making you stay in the air longer than 15 seconds.


How To Farm For Red Orbs Using The Dr Faust Hat (via PowerPyx)

  1. Play to Mission 13. Here you unlock the Dr. Faust hat (a ranged weapon).
  2. Buy Dr. Faust Level 4 Upgrade (if you can’t afford it get Level 2 or 3 for now and upgrade later).
  3. Play to the last checkpoint of Mission 13, where the Divinity Statue is. Then drop through the hole to where the 4 Monster Nests are and you’re supposed to destroy 4 Blood Clots.
  4. Equip Dr. Faust (ranged weapon), go in Ranged Stance (D-PAD LEFT), lock on to enemies with R1/RB and press CIRCLE/B to attack. Now just keep pressing Circle.
  5. Defeat all Enemies. Then restart checkpoint and repeat. The Dr. Faust weapon sucks the Red Orbs out of the enemies and makes a lot more Red Orbs drop. The higher your Dr. Faust Level the more effective this will be.

We’ll be sure to update this guide with high-level tactics and tips a week or so later, so watch this space.

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