Some lovely news for you JRPG fans out there: Square Enix will be releasing an Octopath Traveler prequel this year (in Japan, anyway).

The catch? It’s on mobile (via Gematsu). That’s right; you’ll be experiencing this 2D/3D art style goodness on your iOS/Android devices.

Subtitles “Tairiku no Haisha” or “Conquerers of the Continent”, the JRPG will feature all-new stories and characters, as well as the same battle system we loved. This time, you can have up to eight party members participating in battle. Story-wise, you get to choose between three “reigning champions.



On a related note, there’s going to be another Octopath Traveler game for console. According to Square Enix’s Tomoya Asano on a Famitsu interview, there’s a possibility for a sequel but that’ll take a while since this mobile project is currently underway. The message below is confirmation of that.


Apparently, it’ll also be free-to-play and will come with microtransactions. I don’t know what they are yet, but let’s hope it’s not involving gameplay mechanics and in-game weaponry. If you’re interested like I am, you can pre-register here.


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