We Look At Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Best Mods

Game modifications, or mods, are synonymous with PC gaming. It’s even one of the reasons why the term PC Master Race was coined. One game that got me quite excited was Resident Evil 2 (RE2) on PC via Steam.

Nostalgia aside, it’s one of Capcom’s strongest contenders for Game Of The Year. It’s a scary game, and I’m not one for that genre, but the mods make this game more palatable for me.

Before you mod your game, be sure to back your game up, in case something goes south.

So, let’s talk about the best mods for RE2.

X Gon’ Give It To Ya

Remember Mr. X? That chonk of a dude that kept following you around like a creep who can’t get his creep photo right? Yes, that creepy guy. Well, here be a sweet mod to tone down his excessive creeping.

This might be the best mod I have ever come across. DMX’s X Gon’ Give It To Ya will play whenever Mr. X fancies you a visit. However, installation of this mod might be complicated, especially for amateur modders. There is a Steam forum post that explains how to install the mod.

First-Person Mod

If you enjoy a first-person perspective, ala Resident Evil 7, then this mod might be perfect to fill in that space. The mod enables you to play the whole game in first-person view, the most terrifying view, in my perspective (pun not intended). Check out the video below for an example of how scary it is to play this game while in Leon’s own perspective.

This is perfect for players to bring their Racoon City experience to the next level. The mod and installation details can be found on NexusMods.


If you’re running a beefy PC, why not bump the visuals up a notch? With the RE-Immersion mod, you can have your game highlight the original effects with extra volumetric fog, get greater depth of field, and sharpness in the nearby elements, add different effects such as bloom and HDR, provided your screen has support for HDR.

As you can see in the images above, the graphics are improved tenfolds, and this immerses you better into Racoon City. You can find the file and installation over at NexusMods.

Mr. X the Tank Engine

You haven’t discovered the true meaning of fear until you have been chased by Thomas the Tank Engine. The mod changes the Mr. X model into the famous child cartoon train. Even the theme song for Thomas the Tank Engine plays when you’re being pursued by the monstrous train. I enjoy this mod as this reduces the anxiety of expecting him to come chasing you with his ominous size and soundtrack.

You can find the mod here, as well as the sound effect mod here. Installation is done by copying the files in the correct places, indicated by the filename.


In this mod, we transmogrify Mr. X into Mr. Sex, how’s that for a less frightening mod.

Just look at him! In retrospect, maybe being chased by a killer monster in thongs is actually scarier than vanilla Mr. X. I need eye bleach, I need to unsee that.

Proceed at your risk.

There’s our round-up of the best mods of RE2 Remake. What is your favourite mod? Let us know in the comments below.

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