Anthem’s 1.0.3 Update Axes Respawn Restrictions & Change Up Endgame Loot

Anthem had its fair share of problems pre and post-Day One patch, but at least Bioware are on the case. They’re doing their darndest in improving the game bit by bit, and it shows.

Just recently, Anthem global community manager Jesse Anderson posted a detailed long list of fixes and additions in the new 1.0.3 update on Reddit. It went live on 9 March; let’s go through what the most important ones are.

  • Respawn restrictions are removed. The patch instead adds in respawn timers to all missions and now bases the timers on the activity the players are in.
  • Loot drops have been changed up. Players who are already level 30 will not be receiving white and green drops.
  • Audio will not be dropping out and will be improved.

Baby steps, Bioware. After all, it’s your first action RPG loot-and-shoot game; it’s not as easy as one would think. Why do you think companies like Blizzard take eons to create Diablo II and Diablo III?

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Author: Mr Toffee

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