We’ll give you a hint: it involves Nero’s parentage. This latest tidbit on Devil May Cry 5 is pretty spoilerrific, so we’ll put these in case:




According to some datamining that’s been making the rounds on Reddit via stealthcl0wn, Devil May Cry’s Vergil may be playable in a future update or DLC. The reason why he isn’t playable in this sequel is because he’s part of the game’s story. He’s the one who caused all of this demon plant mess in the first place.

Also, there will be matchmaking in the upcoming Bloody Palace mode -a gauntlet where you kill an endless number of enemies through x amount of floors until you reach the top of the palace.



This would suggest the following:

  • The Bloody Palace may be an online co-op affair like Bayonetta 2’s co-op mode.
  • Vergil will be one of the playable characters in Bloody Palace mode.

This is probably going to wet most Devil May Cry fans’ pants since the blue-coded sword-slinging demihuman is a huge fan favourite. Speaking of which, our pants are also wet thanks to the awesomeness of the fifth game. Read Mr Toffee’s review here, and check out our guide too.


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