The DuckTales’ Moon Theme Makes A Major Appearance In The Recent Animated Series

Remember the really awesome Moon Theme in that 1989 NES Capcom-made DuckTales game? Who didn’t, really? It’s an awesome and cheerful ditty composed by Hiroshige Tonomura using a 6502 assembly language using his colleague Yoshihiro Sakaguchi’s sound driver.

Here’s a reminder:

Here’s a bunch of guys who made awesome covers out of said theme:

And now in 2019, we have Disney using the theme in one of the episodes of the DuckTales animated series. It’s now officially called “Della’s Moon Lullaby”. It has lyrics and it’s sung during a key moment by Della Duck (voiced by actress Paget Brewster), who is the mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

The scene is from the latest DuckTales episode “Whatever Happened To Della Duck?” which aired on the Disney Channel yesterday. The tune was written by Jake Kaufman, Mark Mueller, and John Smith. Jake is renowned for his many, MANY chiptune and music works, specifically for the Shantae and Mighty Switch Force series. And also the rearranging of the DuckTales NES game tunes in a remake back in 2014.

You can also hear it in the majority of the episode as Della Duck attempts to build a rocket to get out of the moon.


Author: Mr Toffee

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