Are We Finally Getting Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 2 was released over 7 years ago, and fans have been clamoring for a proper sequel ever since. After a narrative-centric Telltale title and a prequel spinoff, we might finally be getting Borderlands 3 after all.

Developer Gearbox Software tweeted a peculiar post earlier today, which shows a billboard stating, “March 28, Boston, MA.” The date and location point to the upcoming PAX East event happening at the same time and place.

What’s interesting is that the art style of the image seems to evoke the unique visuals of the Borderlands franchise. The cartoon-style cel-shaded graphics is a distinctive hallmark of the franchise, which differentiates it from other shooters.

In only two weeks, Gearbox Software might finally be announcing Borderlands 3, which would be a positive turnaround for the developer. The last major new game released by them was Battleborn, an arena-based shooter which had the unfortunate luck of launching around the same time as Blizzard’s Overwatch.

However, it could also just be Borderlands: GOTY Edition for consoles, which was rumored thanks to a trophy/achievement list leak earlier this year. Fans wouldn’t be too happy if that’s the developer has in mind later this month. In the meantime, let’s wait until PAX East and see if Borderlands 3 will finally be announced.


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