Good news, Tekken fans! The Tekken World Tour is now in its new season thanks to new info from Bandai Namco. For a span of a year, Tekken players will earn points from tournaments all around the world to qualify for the finals set in Bangkok, Thailand.

The prize winnings are quite large: about US$185,000’s worth. The winner of the entire tournament league will win US$30,000 of that amount. Of course, the tournament will be facing a few more changes.

  • The TWT will establish two more levels of competition to classify its events alongside the Challenger tier: Master+ and Dojo.
  • Master+ is the high-level version, owned by the Evolution Championship Series. This tourney will award the most points to winning players.
  • Dojo is the amateur league title of sorts, awarded to tournaments that weren’t part of the TWT last year. Depending on how many players attend a tournament, a Dojo tourney can reward winning players with various amounts of seeding points.
  • This segmentation is to make sure that every Tekken player gets a shot at the finals; Master+ are for the high rollers while Dojo is for the players who can’t afford to travel worldwide.
  • To reduce “travel fatigue” for players, this year’s TWT will restrict the number of tournaments that will count towards a player’s global ranking. A competitor’s 10 best placings will determine their overall score.
  • The tournament’s reach will expand to new places like Taiwan, South Africa, Dubai, and Toronto. Full schedules are listed here. 


Here’s a statement from Twitch esports product manager Richard Thiher, whose company will be streaming the event (via Kotaku):

“Community is at the core of competitive gaming and the Tekken 7 fandom. For 2019, Bandai Namco and Twitch wanted a sound way to integrate and recognize both the world’s largest fighting game tournament and the many smaller grassroots tournaments found in cities across the globe, thus the inclusion of Evo and creation of Dojo events.

We would like as many top performing Tekken players as possible to have the opportunity to qualify for the Tekken World Tour Finals.”

More info will be disclosed today on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:



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