Why Is Judgment, A PS4 Adventure Game From Sega, Being Pulled Out Of Shelves?

So this adventure game from Sega’s Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku team is doing alright in terms of reception and sales. It’s called Judgment/Judge Eye, and it’s about a guy who’s solving a mystery and has to wander around Tokyo to get to the bottom of it. An English-language version is coming soon, but that may not be likely as the Japanese version of the game is facing trouble.

Cocaine trouble, to be exact. You see, one of the voice actors of the game, Pierre Taki, has been arrested for alleged illegal drug use. According to the Mainichi News (via Kotaku), investigators searched his car and his Tokyo home thanks to anonymous tip-offs. While no cocaine was found, Taki was tested positive for cocaine and was arrested.

He has admitted to using a small amount of cocaine for undisclosed reasons. Investigators are examining his mobile phone to discern more about his alleged drug use.

Too bad Sega isn’t keen on such publicity, as it has issued a statement saying that it will stop selling the game physically and digitally while the truth is still being uncovered. The company apologizes and are figuring out the next step as we’re typing this.

In addition, Sega is also deleting past tweets about Judgment. Yikes.

This isn’t the first time Sega had to deal with their hired actors using cocaine; actor Hiroki Narimiya was replaced in Yakuza 4 for the same allegations.

Japan has a low tolerance for illegal drugs, as you can tell. Makes you wonder what’s going to happen to Kingdom Hearts 3 as Taki also voiced Olaf in the Japanese version.


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