Malaysia should be proud knowing that one of its gaming studios Metronomik may have an international music-savvy action gaming hit in its hand: No Straight Roads. But did you know that it was close to being a turn-based RPG with music?

According to an exclusive Kakuchopurei interview with Metronomik’s CEO and game designer lead Wan Hazmer, he changed his mind when he wanted the title to be for everyone and not for a niche market.

“[No Straight Roads] used to be an RPG. I used to think of it as a turn-based RPG. [But] I wanted it to be more accessible so that everyone can go into the game and play it, while experiencing the music directly. So that’s how it turned into an action game.”

Check out the full video interview below.

No Straight Roads will be out for PC and PS4 this Spring 2019. Metronomik plans to make more announcements about the game at this year’s PAX East.



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