Guardians of The Galaxy fans should be ecstatic to learn that Marvel Studios and Disney have rehired deposed director James Gunn for the upcoming movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy 3.

Gunn was fired back in July 2018 when his old offensive tweets resurfaced. This prompted divisive reactions from fans and actors alike, some of whom thought it was necessary and others who thought that the sacking was unfair. Guardians of the Galaxy stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, and Dave Bautista even wrote a letter to Disney, asking for the director to be rehired.

Due to Gunn’s sacking, the future of Guardians of The Galaxy 3 became uncertain, although Gunn previously said that it was slated to arrive sometime in 2020. According to insider sources (via The Hollywood Reporter), Marvel and Disney had actually been dealing with Gunn in secret, trying to rehire him once again.

When news broke of his rehiring, Gunn tweeted for the first time since his firing last year, with a heartfelt post thanking all those who kept supporting him since:

It remains to be seen how this will ultimately affect the release of Guardians of The Galaxy 3, but at least fans can rest assured that the movie will be going back on track from now on.

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