A few hours ago, I wrote this, and joy of joys, we’re finally getting a release date for Season 1!

Respawn just announced that the first ever season for Apex Legends will drop on 20 March at 1 am, local time.

So, the Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins, or you can buy the bundle which costs you 2800 Apex Coins and would net you the Battle Pass, plus unlock your next 25 levels for Season 1 instantly.

How Does This Work?

You’ll have your normal level and a Battle Pass level. Every time you play, you’ll level up these two separate levels. The more you play, the more you get. As usual, as you level up your pass, you’ll get sweet rewards.

Rewards?! Tell Me More!

Players who play during Season 1 will earn free rewards, such as:

  • A Wild Frontier Legend skin
  • 5 Apex Packs
  • 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers

Those who decide to purchase the Battle Pass will receive exclusive items like:

  • Lifeline Revolutionary skin
  • Wraith Survivor skin
  • Mirage Outlaw skin

And much more, like a Legendary Havoc skin. The level 100 Legendary Havoc skin is the first ever three-stage evolving Legendary weapon skin. As you get more kills (within the match), its eyes glow and its nostrils emit smoke and then some!

Oh, I Don’t Have Money Now

Don’t worry. Even if you buy the Battle Pass later in the season you’ll still receive all the rewards up to your Battle Pass level (which is your current level for the season) retroactively! For example, if you’re on level 20 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass, you’ll unlock all rewards for every level up to 20, plus the three special Battle Pass skins.

If you buy the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll get the rewards for 25 levels in addition to the levels you’ve already reached. So, if you’re on level 20 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll get all the rewards through level 45 and the three special Battle Pass skins.

Rewards are permanent. If the season ends, you will still keep your stuff.

Anything Else?

You will earn Apex Coins from the Battle Pass as well, and you even get the cost of the base Battle Pass back if you reach level 97.

Oh, I almost forgot about this guy:


He’s going to be released together with Season 1. However, he’s not a Season 1 bonus character; you have to buy him separately just like with Mirage and Caustic. He cost 750 Apex Coins (US$7.50 or so). This means you don’t need to buy the battle pass to use him.

For an in-depth explanation of the Battle Pass and Season 1, head on here.

As promised, we’ve updated you loyal readers with news on Apex Legends‘ first ever season. Stay tuned for more info on Apex Legends. In the meantime, improve your Apex Legends knowledge with our guide here.


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