Gearbox Software is on a roll, eh? First with a Borderlands 3 tease, and now with a possible Duke Nukem and Bulletstorm mash-up.

Here’s the latest tweet from the company:

A while back, Gearbox re-released Bulletstorm back in 2017, with Duke Nukem as a playable character. So will this be a mash-up between both games, or just another revamped re-release of the People Can Fly-developed shooter featuring sliding and crazy arcade shooting action?

Speaking of which, People Can Fly may not be involved with this since they have a Square Enix game in the works. Pray Gearbox does not mess it up; all of us deserve a decent Bulletstorm sequel. Or at least a second coming of Duke Nukem with guest characters aplenty. We’ll know for sure next week.



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