Killing Floor Devs Announces New Game: ’83

Tripwire Interactive, the developer of Rising Storm and Killing Floor, has revealed their new first-person shooter, ’83, and has dropped an announcement trailer as well.

Set in 1983, in which the global political level was tense, the NATO was up against the Warsaw Pact. The former consisted of The United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and her allies, while the latter was mainly led by the Soviet Union. The game takes place in an alternate universe in which the United States actually went to war with the Soviet Union.

The game features massive battles comprised of two platoons representing the NATO and the Warsaw Pact. 80 players will have access to the era’s weapons and vehicles, not unlike the Battlefield series. The big thing is, wins and losses will have meaning as they will shape the future of the in-game world as seen in the trailer above. The developers have dubbed this mechanic as ‘Persistent Warfare’.

Aside from being a pain in the neck to Google, ’83 initial impressions show great potential to rival those of Battlefield. At this time though, no official date or pricing nor platform has been revealed. You can head on to the game’s official site for more info.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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