Disney Will Revive Lucasfilm Games Back From The Dead

Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when it comes to Star Wars games by EA. Within 5 years, the company has released two Battlefront games to middling/negative fanfare, one expansion to the Old Republic MMO, and one mobile game that hasn’t made any waves in that particular sector.

That is probably more than enough to anger Disney, so the House of Mouse decides to revive Lucasfilm Games. At least, that’s what it looks like when the company posted job descriptions for numerous roles in Lucasfilm Games. These include producers, marketing coordinators, art directors, and even a Linux Systems Admin role in Singapore’s Industrial Light & Magic space.

The postings state that Lucasfilm Games will be working on “interactive products” based on Star Wars and other Lucasfilm IP for “all digital platforms” like PC, mobile platforms, and current-gen consoles. This pretty much confirms that Disney has had it with EA mishandling the license. If you need something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Keep in mind that Lucasfilm Games back in the 80s morphed into LucasArts, so there’s a slim chance that Disney might want to create games, or re-release games, from the Lucasfilm brand. These also include Indiana Jones and Loom. Yes, THAT Loom.

Author: Team KKP

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