A pleasant surprise. System Shock 3 just had a new teaser trailer, and it looks terrifying. Check it out!

Otherside Entertainment, the developers of Underworld Ascendant, just released the trailer. It features a chilling sci-fi vibe, thanks to the monsters, some contraptions, and SHODAN. Yeah, she’s back!

Warren Spector is one of the names working on this sequel. He was involved in creating the first System Shock.

Let’s see what we’ve got:

So, we have this weird alien looking dude. He was feasting on a human corpse before turning to that camera and attacking the poor camera guy. This guy reminds me of Dead Space‘s Necromorphs.

Then, we see an angry robot, trying to break the glass. I assume he’s trying to break the glass to hit the poor camera guy, just like the weird alien dude just now. He looks like the robot version of the Tormentor from Dead Space.

Now we see someone tied down to a chair, apparently being scanned for some reason. Maybe he’s the poor camera guy. This definitely reminds me of the eye machine in Dead Space 2.

And here we have SHODAN, the mastermind AI of the series.

Bottom Line

From the teaser trailer, and my endless comparisons to Dead Space, the game is coming to be one of the successful sci-fi horror games since Dead Space took that crown. It was announced four years back, however, no release window has been announced.

In other related news, there’s a remake of the original System Shock from 1994. The remake is being developed by Night Dive Studios.




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