T1 and FACEIT Teams Up To Launch First-Ever Apex Legends Esports Tournament

T1, a South Korean esports organisation, has teamed up with competitive gaming platform FACEIT to host a USD25,000 (RM101,732) invitational tournament for Apex Legends. Basically, this will be the first official time the game will have an esports showing.

T1 and FACEIT have recently announced  their plans to organise an Apex Legends Invitational which will feature prominent names in the Apex Legends player base.

How Do I Watch It?

The T1 and FACEIT Invitational will be played on Sunday 31 March at 5 am, local time. The streams will be available on both T1’s official Twitch channel as well as FACEIT’s Twitch channel.

Who’s Playing?

The Invitational will feature 20 streamer-led squads, which sounds quite like PUBG Global Invitational, in which one player of the squad is an established Twitch streamer.

The full lineup has not been revealed as of yet, but we will update as soon as we get a scent of it.

What’s The Format?

Aside from knowing that 20 squads are involved, there’s not much information on this one.

We know that Apex Legends do not feature custom servers, neither do Respawn. So, this tournament might be played in public matches, with teams earning points for eliminations and placements.

The two formats that T1 and FACEIT will likely look to choose from will be the ones used by Code Red and Twitch Rivals in their respective public-match-based Apex Legends competitions.

Code Red had a double elimination bracket in which teams matched up against each other and in each round, the teams try to outscore the other team over three matches. Meanwhile, the Twitch Rivals tournament used a time-based leaderboard format which scored according to how many point teams could score in a timeframe.

Prize Pool

The tournament has a prize pool of US$25,000 (RM101,732). However, there are still no announcements on how the pool will be divided amongst participating teams.

We will keep an eye out for more information in regards to this tournament. I really hope that Respawn can implement a custom server so that these kinds of tournaments could flourish in the future.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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