Ubisoft announced today that BATTLESHIP is now compatible with Sony’s PlayLink for PS4 feature. Owners of the game can update the game for free. Plus, players can download the BATTLESHIP PlayLink application on their phones to utilize additional private screens to secretly deploy fleets, target friend’s ships and fire attacks.

Players can now enjoy the classic guessing game in a modern and dynamic feel in the Classic mode or get tactical in the new Clash at Sea! mode.

The Classic mode features familiar rules. 5 ships on their grid, first to destroy your opponent’s ships is the winner. Clash at Sea! mode is a brand-new way to play BATTLESHIP. In this mode, players must earn and carefully manage resources that can be used to activate each ship’s abilities to win the game.

Both of these modes are available online.

There’s also the option to play offline. In Player vs Player, skippers can hold head-to-head naval battles both with the Classic and the Clash at Sea! rules. While in Campaign, players can progress through dozens of missions and master all the subtleties of the Clash at Sea! mechanics within a storyline. There is also an AI mode that you can challenge.

The game has gone a long way. From the tabletop, to the powerful hardware of the PS4. Battles are now lively, with unique abilities, cartoony designs and fun animations are available for a more entertaining game experience.



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