This Singapore-Made Clicker Game Will Turn You Into A Fake Billionaire

Fact: Singapore is one expensive city to live in. So unless you have aspirations to be a financial sector drone for the rest of your life, it’s hard to have fun when you’re just “getting by”. With Alpha Beta Omega’s first-ever game, Marina Bay Billionaire Clicker, you can at least pretend as you earn your millions tapping the screen away; for the greater good of a money-minded “kiasu”-cultured island anyway.

In all seriousness, Marina Bay Billionaire Clicker is meant to be a tribute to Singapore’s late Minister Mentor and founding father Lee Kuan Yew; his death anniversary is 23 March. Here’s what CEO Michael Khoo said about the title:

“Our game challenges players to rebuild Marina Bay to what it is today, as he once described it – “a beautiful skyline, absolutely world class”.”

MBBC Gameplay.PNG

This clicker game features cute graphics, iconic buildings from Singapore like the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands, and an “influencer” picture mechanic where you tap the screen to get tourist/influencer pics that generate income. You should ask the Singapore Tourism Board how that works; the math is more in-depth than you think.

The game is available now. So far it looks and plays just fine like any colourful clicker game, though it’s weird that there’s no audio feedback of any kind; that’s usually an important element in a clicker game.

This is the first of many games ABO will be developing and creating for the mobile space. If you want to know more about the team behind this tribute, check out our exclusive Alpha Beta Omega interview. 

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