With only two days left until the launch of Battlefield 5‘s long-awaited Firestorm battle royale mode, gamers must be wondering when exactly they’ll be able to actually start playing. We’re here to tell you when that will be.

According to Twitter fan account @BFBulletin, Battlefield 5 North American Community Manager Jeff Braddock has confirmed in a reply on the social media platform that Firestorm will go live “before noon EU”.

That means Battlefield 5 Firestorm will launch sometime today on Monday, 25 March 2019 around or before 7PM GMT+8 for regions in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and more. That also translates to roughly 7AM EST or 4AM PST in the United States.

In other related news, Firestorm developer Criterion Games recently clarified that Battlefield 5‘s battle royale mode will not be going free-to-play, unlike Apex Legends, which is also published by EA. Read the full story here.

In the meantime, check out the official Firestorm gameplay trailer below to get all hyped up before the battle royale mode’s eventual launch later today.



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