All those rumours about a new version of Persona 5 are coming true.

Just recently, Atlus released a teaser for Persona 5: The Royal for PS4. It’ll be the same JRPG we know and love back in 2017, but with more content and a new story addition. Most likely involving the red-haired girl on this teaser.

Apparently, she’s not of a fan of the Phantom Thieves (or “The Millenials”, depending on what you called your thief group in the game) and plans to take matters into her own hands. She’ll most likely be an anti-hero of sorts who will fight against and probably with protagonist Segata Sanshiro, I mean Ren Amamiya.

This announcement also means that Nintendo Switch will be getting that version of Persona 5. After all, why go through the trouble of using Joker as a Super Smash Bros character if his upcoming JRPG isn’t going to be on the console?

We’ll be getting more information on 24 April, the same date when the Persona Super Live concert happens. Good luck getting tickets for that show though; they usually sell out quick since Japan goes apesh** over Persona and its modern contemporary OST. If you like that sort of thing, you should check out this Shoji Meguro discography tribute I did last year.


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