The first season for Apex Legends has begun last week, and we have received the Battle Pass as well as our first new hero, Octane.

However, he’s not the only update we’ll be seeing. It’s been noticed that the official Apex Legends page on has been updated with some juicy tidbits of the contents from the inaugural season.

A snippet from the page confirms that we will have another Legend aside from Octane. It might be Wattson, but I won’t be so sure about that. It will be launched before the first season ends.

Anyhow, there will also be a new weapon slated to be released in this season. I’m putting my bets on the L-Star energy machine gun.

The L-Star EMG

According to the roadmap, there will be new Legends and weapons every season, so the L-Star EMG might be the weapon we’re expecting before Wild Frontier ends.

I can’t wait to see what Respawn has in store for us along this first season. I mean, they’ve never failed to impress their fans after all.



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