Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Brings 3v3 Sentai Fighting This April On PS4

Prepare to scream “GO GO POWER RANGERS!” until you’re out of breath as we tell you this brand of good news. Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid will be out for PlayStation 4 on 2nd April.

The catch? It’ll be in US PlayStation stores, so you better get your US PSN account up to snuff if you want in on this 3v3 Power Rangers action. If you’re a fan of sentai shows or just love the Saban version of Power Rangers, here’s the roster to pique your interest:

  • Red Mighty Morphin Ranger
  • Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
  • Yellow Megaforce Ranger
  • Lord Drakkon
  • Kat from Power Rangers SPD
  • Ranger Slayer
  • Goldar
  • Mastodon Sentry
  • Magna Defender

In case that isn’t enough, your Super moves here let you summon your Megazords to decimate your opponents.

And Now For The Obligatory Fighting Game Season Pass

Nothing is free, of course. In addition to the US$19.99 you’ll be paying for the game, you will also need to buy a Season 1 Pass that gives you three extra characters who will be out at a later time. Then again, you’re not paying full price for a fighting game, so hooray!

Author: Mr Toffee

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