Angelina Jolie May Be Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe Soon

While Angelina Jolie might not be a stranger to comic book movies in general (she starred in 2008’s Wanted), she may soon be dipping her toes into the world of superheroes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress is in talks to star in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie, The Eternals.

Details are scarce for The Eternals right now, as it was only announced in early 2018. Director ChloƩ Zhao will be helming the movie, but no casting choices have been officially announced as of yet.

The Eternals were created by the late comic book legend Jack Kirby in 1976. In the comics, a race of space gods called the Celestials arrived on Earth millennia ago and created two offshoots of humanity: the Eternals and the Deviants. Therefore, the Eternals can best be described as what ancient humans would call ‘gods’, or you can just imagine them to be ‘gods’ in the way that Marvel’s Asgardians are ‘gods’.

The upcoming movie will purportedly focus on a love story between two members of The Eternals: Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who relishes moving amongst humans.

There could be several possible roles for Angelina Jolie in The Eternals. If I’d have to guess, it could be either Sersi or Thena, both of which are prominent members of The Eternals. Thena is more physical-oriented and warrior-like (imagine Marvel’s own Valkyrie) while Sersi is more subtle and seductive with her powers.

Check out what they look like in the comics below.

If you want to get technical (although it hasn’t been confirmed whether by Marvel Studios or in the MCU itself), Thanos is supposed to be a member of the Deviants in the comics, though his parents were part of the Eternals. Perhaps we’ll see more of Thanos’ MCU origins in Avengers Endgame.


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