Game peripheral company Razer has net itself a juggernaut of a team under its wing: Dota 2’s Alliance.

The former long-running team is back again for this season of MOBA action. The two of them will have a 2-year partnership and will be using the latest Razer products when competing.

The roster consists of the following players:

  • qojqva
  • Boxi
  • iNSaNiA
  • Taiga
  • miCke
  • Madara (sub)
  • Loda (Coach)

Here’s a quote from CEO Min-Liang Tan about these turn of events:

“Razer helped create Alliance in 2013 because we saw an esports team that shared many of our core values. Since then, Alliance has continued to build their organization and community with a spirit of teamwork, fairness and dedication that has seen them achieve great success.

I’m proud to once again partner with Alliance and, with the backing of Team Razer, Alliance are going to build a formidable line-up this year to make a huge impact within the esports arena.”

Previously, the team was founded in conjunction with Razer back in April 2013 as an effort to promote European esports. Highlights of this esports brand include producing top Dota 2 streamer AdmiralBulldog and top Smash Bros player Armada. Oh, and also having its Dota 2 team led by Loda win The International 2013.

Right now, we’re not sure which tournaments they’ll be participating in, but we can guess that they’ll be involved with major ones like MDL Disneyland Paris Major and upcoming ESL tourneys within Europe.


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