Hearthstone Reveals Cards For Upcoming Expansion Rise of Shadows

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled 12 new cards for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion.

The cards include two Legendary villains, Blastmaster Boom and Heistbaron Togwaggle, and one Legendary Defender of Dalaran, Khadgar.

Let’s see what these Legendary cards can do;

  • Blastmaster Boom: When played, Blastmaster Boom summons two Boom Bots for each bomb in your opponent’s deck.
  • Heistbaron Togwaggle: This card discovers a fantastic treasure when played if you control a Lackey.
  • Khadgar: As a two- cost legendary minion, Khadgar causes your cards that summon minions to summon twice as many.

More cards were unveiled on the streams, and you can have a look at the cards on the site. There’s also a schedule if you want to look out for the new reveals.

Take a look at the cards revealed on the streams below:


While I don’t think some cards are able to majorly shift the meta so to speak, I do think that some cards, especially the likes of the Bomb cards are potent. For example, Blastmaster Boom is able to create a board out of nothing as long as you’ve been playing your bomb cards right.

Wrenchcalibur can help with slipping explosives into your opponents’ deck. The mana cost isn’t great, but it’s still low enough to deal with early game minions. This weapon will setup your Blastmaster Boom nicely with four Bomb Bots if you use up both durability.

This looks like a perfect setup to play Blastmaster Boom, as this card doesn’t place bombs in your opponent’s deck, it is able to benefit from all of the bombs you placed in the deck previously.

And by the way, do login before 1 April to get three free card packs from the Year of the Mammoth expansion.

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