Everything You Need To Know About DrDisrespect’s Apex Legends Code Red Tourney

DrDisrespect’s next Code Red tourney will be played in Apex Legends. Streamers will compete for US$20,000 (RM816,300) later this week.

The streamer made the announcement back on 13 February, but he won’t be playing his favourite tournament game, Call of Duty 4 Blackout, he said. He’ll be hosting the tournament on Respawn’s battle royale instead.

How Do I Watch It?

Head on to the official DrDisrespect stream here. Or you can check out the channel hosting Code Red here. The show starts on 30 March, 1am GMT+8. That’s later after midnight.

Watch live video from DrDisrespect on www.twitch.tv

Tournament Format

Since Apex Legends do not feature the same options as the Fortnite or Call of Duty, such as the odd number of squad members, therefore, this tournament will feature heavy use of public lobbies like what was seen during the recent Twitch Rivals tournament.

The main difference is that all eight teams will be placed in a double-elimination bracket with head-to-head matchups rather than having all eight teams cram as many games into a set period of time as possible.

If the kill count is tied after three games, a fourth match will be played to determine the champ. If the score is still tied after that fourth game, the team who dealt the most damage during the fourth map will advance. If the damage numbers are somehow tied, the teams will play a fifth map until one team tallies more damage than the other.

For the Grand Finals, the team over at the Losers Final will have to win two matches, while the team coming from the Winners Final only has to win one match.

Points will be calculated as follows;

  • Wins = 8 points/win
  • Kills = 1 point/kill

Teams and Brackets

We’ll be seeing big names on Twitch as usual on every Code Red tournament. The squads are;

  • Dr Disrespect, Viss, RealKraftyy
  • goldglove, ernie, di3sel
  • joshOG, summit1g, Buhhbye
  • HighDistortion, tennp0, wantedow
  • chocTaco, vsnz, HusKerrs
  • Nick Eh 30, Ghost Enzo, Avxry
  • Ninja, Dizzy, KingRichard
  • Trainwreckstv, LyndonFPS, Rogue

Shroud won’t be joining as he sustained quite significant injuries a few weeks ago. I hope he gets well soon.

You can check the live tournament bracket here for updates after each round.

The Golden Loot

The overall prize pool is US$20,000 (RM816,300). The top three players will bring home a portion of the pool.

The prize breakdown is as follows;

  • 1st Place: US$12,000 (RM48,978)
  • 2nd Place: US$5,000 (RM20,407)
  • 3rd Place: US$3,000 (RM12,244)

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