The winds of war blow once more. Sega’s RPG-slash-turn-based mecha combat-slash-dating sim video game hybrid Sakura Wars will be making a comeback after for so long.

During Sega Fes this weekend in Japan, the company released a trailer of its next game dubbed Project Sakura Wars. And yes, the game’s most memorable anthem is back when you go past the 1:03 mark.

I’m getting the feels just hearing it again.

If you wonder why everyone looks like they came out from the hit-then-miss shonen series Bleach, it’s because Tite Kubo is the game’s main character design. Which means every female in this game will remind you of either Rukia, Orihime, or Rangiku. Kohei “Gravity Rush & One Piece” Tanaka will be back to do the game’s music, while Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors producer Jiro Ishii will be in charge of the story.

For those not in the know, which is probably a LOT of you newbie JRPG fans, the Sakura Wars games let you do the following:

  • Roleplay as a male sword-wielding commander and manage your mech-piloting team, who are comprised of females.
  • Fight demons invading your steampunk version of Japan in turn-based glory using mechs called “spiricle armour”.
  • Motivate and even romance your team members Mass Effect style so they can perform well in combat.
  • Pretty stellar anime production values. This is one of Sega’s flagship titles back in the day, though it’s a Japan favourite rather than a Western thing.

But Screw That Noise, Here Are Your Squad Members

Based on their design, you can take a wild guess who is the tsundere, yandere, kuudere, and dandere of the group.

Sakura Amamiya, the first girl everyone’s going to date for their first playthrough. She looks a tad familiar though…



Hatsuho Shinonome, tomboy shrine maiden and possible Rangiku Matsumoto stand-in.



Azami Mochizuki, the bratty young ninja prodigy. She looks like Rukia Kuchiki with smaller eyes.



Anastasia Palma, a voluptuous singer and actress. No wait, THIS is the Rangiku Matsumoto stand-in.



Claris Snowflake, a curious bookworm from Luxembourg who knows black magic. Possible Orihime stand-in, sans endowment.



I wasn’t even kidding about the Mass Effect bit.


Let’s not forget that there are mechs in this game; they look like revved-up versions of past Sakura Wars bots.



It’ll be out in English in Spring 2020 for PS4; I’m sure you fans can keep waiting a little longer for your perfect date sim JRPG featuring mechas and steampunk Japan. The last English Sakura Wars title was released back in 2005: Sakura Wars V – So Long My Love. Since then, the game and its past cast members made cameos in mobile games like Chain Chronicle, also from Sega.

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