Players Create Hilarious Mods For Sekiro Death Screen Text

Sekiro players are very accustomed to the red kanji and the line ‘death’ on their screens. It’s truly a difficult game designed to challenge every part of the player after all.

Sigh, the usual stressful death screen

Death does not mean that you suck, it’s simply another opportunity to start over with new experiences. However, dying one too many times could be the last straw that snaps the camel’s back.

Players have created mods to change the kanji and text line shown on the death screen. Most of them are created by Chinese and Japanese players, who have been busy coming up with various Chinese characters to substitute the character for death. They are truly hilarious.

Have a look down below.

Bakuhatsu Shisan! A nod to Ninja Slayer.


Warota; the Japanese symbol for laughing.


This Chinese character calls you a ‘noob’. Well, it’s not wrong.


This one says ‘shameful display’. I am a disgrace to the Shinobi.


This is where I should chuck my controller in classic Soulsborne fashion.


This one features just a question mark as if it was confused on how bad you were to die.


From Software Director, Miyazaki-san smiles as your death was planned.


Nicholas Cage is also disappointed in your death.

You can find these mods over at Nexus Mods here.

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