Fox has finally revealed one of the most highly-anticipated moments that Gotham fans have been waiting for since the TV series originally debuted in 2014, the first official appearance of the Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker. Weirdly enough, they chose to do this on April Fools, but I guess that’s the intended (killing) joke.

Cameron Monaghan, the actor who plays Gotham‘s Joker, has actually been on the show since its very first season. That’s right, the birth of the Joker on Gotham has gone through multiple fakeouts, until now, that is.

Monaghan first appeared as the unstable Jerome Valeska, and later returned as his twin brother, Jeremiah Valeska, the one who will soon become the Clown Prince of Crime. The last two episodes, serving as Gotham‘s series finale, will feature a 10-year time jump into the future, where Bruce is already well-established as the Dark Knight.

That is probably why Monaghan’s Joker looks so old and terrifying, with almost no hair left on top of his hair. From the looks of it, his take on the iconic villain might even turn out to be one of the best in history, maybe even comparable to that of the late Heath Ledger’s legendary turn in 2008’s The Dark Knight.

Joker Gotham

I’ve always thought that Monaghan’s performance has been phenomenal throughout the series, and I think he’s going to kill it in the role. If anything, I’m sure it will definitely be better than Jared Leto’s weak sauce Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad.

The Joker is set to appear in the final two episodes of Gotham, which will air on 18 and 25 April 2019, respectively. In the meantime, check out the promo trailer for our first look at the Clown Prince of Crime below.


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