New Avengers Endgame Trailer Showcases An Emotional Reunion & Climactic Showdown

Marvel Studios couldn’t just announce that Avengers Endgame tickets were going on sale; they had to release a new trailer as well. Running at exactly one minute long, the new ‘special look’ video does have some interesting bits to show.

The new Avengers Endgame trailer begins with everyone still grieving over their friends and family who fell victim to the Decimation (AKA the Thanos Snap). Despite being brief, the entire trailer feels like a rallying cry for our heroes, to rise up and “avenge the fallen”.

Tony and Pepper Reunited

We already sort of know that Tony Stark somehow arrives safely on Earth, thanks to the previously most recent Avengers Endgame trailer. It’s still pretty heartwarming to see the two of them finally reunited, especially after that touching monologue given by Tony when he was stranded in space (from the first trailer).

A Closer Look At The New Iron Man Mark LXXXV Armor

The previous Avengers Endgame never really did show us the new Iron Man Mark LXXXV (or Mark 85) armor. This is the first time that we see the brand new armor in live-action (and not just in toy form) and I have to say that it looks really good in motion.

In a good way, it reminds me of the earlier more-grounded Iron Man armors featured in the earlier pre-Iron Man 3 movies. This might turn out to be everyone’s new favorite armor soon. I know it’s already mine, on the virtue of the fact that it’s based on the classic and most iconic armor from the comics.

Nice Tats, Hawkeye Ronin

Avengers Endgame Ronin

Clint Barton never had tattoos in the comics, so don’t ask me how this could even happen. I guess they had to make him look edgier to reflect the change from being Hawkeye to his new darker alter ego, Ronin.

Tony And Steve Making Up

If it’s not clear by now, this is the “emotional reunion” I was referring to in the headline of this article. If you recall, Tony and Steve never did meet each other in Avengers Infinity War, like, at all. That makes Avengers Endgame the first time they’ve reunited since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

The simple fact that both of these founding Avengers are trusting each other again is enough to make a grown fanboy (read: man-child) like me cry.

Climactic Showdown

The showdown that we’ve been waiting for, with our heroes finally facing Thanos again and set to “avenge the fallen”. What makes the final part of this new Avengers Endgame trailer interesting are the circumstances of the showdown.

Thanos seems to be beaming down from his ship to the surface, instead of using the Infinity Gauntlet’s Space Stone capabilities to just teleport himself. This could either mean that he has somehow lost access to the Infinity Gauntlet or just several of the stones. That could also be why he’s now wielding a massive double-sided blade to fight with.

The final shot sees Iron Man, Captain America, and another Avenger walking towards Thanos. Now, that caped hero looks like it could either be Thor or Doctor Strange. The way he walks and his build seems to be closer to that of Strange, and there’s the weird fact that we can’t see him holding Stormbreaker in the scene. On the other hand, Doctor Stranger is supposed to be dust.

Well, I’m sure everyone’s hype levels are flying off their charts. Fortunately, we’re only three weeks away from the release of Avengers Endgame on 24 April 2019.


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