It’s barely been a week since Gearbox Software officially announced Borderlands 3 at PAX East, but we might already know when it’ll be coming out. Recent tweets posted by the official Borderlands Twitter account may have leaked the game’s release date prematurely, though the original post has since been deleted.

Thanks to Twitter user Wario64, here’s a look at the deleted tweet that revealed the supposed release date for Borderlands 3:

13 September 2019.

Besides that, a Twitter ad video (which has also been removed) indicates that Borderlands 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. An Epic Games Store logo can clearly be seen at the bottom-left corner of the brief teaser below.

Further fueling the reported rumor are Gearbox head Randy Pitchford‘s response to the leaks on Twitter. They not-so-subtly hint that Borderlands 3 might turn out to be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive for about six (6) months. However, his posts were vague enough to be neither a confirmation or denial of the leaks.

As a bonus, the game’s cover has also been leaked. It looks great, though it’s a bit odd the mascot psycho isn’t doing the “shoot himself in the head” finger motion.

Fortunately, fans can rest easy, since Gearbox has already promised that more details and information regarding Borderlands 3 will be revealed on 3 April 2019, which is also when Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition will be releasing. Until then, all of this remains speculation for now.



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