Valve Confirms Leak On Valve VR Specs And Release Date

The denizens of the internet recently discovered an unfinished Steam page for the Valve Index, Valve’s own VR kit. However, the page has now been removed.

We caught a screengrab for you guys and gals before it disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Image Credit: Madjoki

The story about the VR kit has been in the grapevines for a while. That teaser suggested that pre-ordering will begin in May.

However, the leaks have been confirmed by Valve and most of the data seen in the screenshot are true. Valve has confirmed that the incomplete technical information on the unfinished Valve Index pages is accurate.

We’re also getting word on a shipping date. It was expected to be 15 June, but Valve has commented on that saying they are ‘still finalizing the targeted day in June to begin shipping units to customers’. Valve aims to fully announce the product on 1 May, although that is subject to change.

What’s Inside?

The Index store page doesn’t inform much about the product, as it is filled with placeholder text. According to the screenshot, this is what you get from the package:

  •  Headset
  •  Integrated Headphones
  •  Tether with DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 Connections
  •  Power Adapter
  •  Regionalized Power Adapter Plug(s)
  •  2 Face Gaskets (narrow and wide)

You don’t get a SteamVR base station tracking device though. The base station was also leaked to an already disappeared unfinished Steam page.

The Index’s controllers are sold separately under the name of Index Controllers.

Image Credit: PCGamer


The emergence of these pages implies that an announcement might come sooner than the expected date, 1 May, but all we can do right now is wait and keep our eyes open.

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