It’s no secret that most developers and workers in big triple-A companies want to branch out on their own. Such is the case of Adam Doherty, a former coder who used to work on the Batman: Arkham series; he’s now directing a new title called Trials of Fire under indie studio Whatboy Games.

Trials of Fire is a single-player game in which players guide their party through an overworld map of a fantasy land. The players are expected to gather resources and relay them back to the settlement. The game also features moral decision-making which forces you to choose a path as you go.

The game’s combat system revolves around the use of cards. Players will draw cards to use abilities and repositioning your heroes to make the most of those attacks, and your options will present unique combos based on what cards you play and when. The characters’ gear can be switched during travel and this will affect card abilities on the character.

Trials of Fire is expected to land on Steam Early Access on 3 May. It’s projected that the game will be in Early Access for a year before its full release. New content and improvements will be added over the course of the year. Here’s hoping for a great indie game from an experienced developer.


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