Ever since Gearbox Software announced Borderlands 3 around two weeks ago, fans have been hungry for every new detail or piece of information. It’s going to be the first mainline current-gen title in the franchise after all, and expectations are riding high.

In a recent post on PlayStation Blog, Gearbox Software Art Director Scott Kester revealed several improvements that will be incorporated in Borderlands 3. Co-op in the upcoming game will receive much-needed quality-of-life updates, including:

  • Regardless of your respective levels or mission progress, you and your friends can play together online or on the couch (yes, apparently there will be split-screen local multiplayer as well).
  • Both you and your friends will be able to deal “a meaningful amount of damage”.
  • Each player will receive their own discrete loot stream so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing that loot you have your eyes on.
  • However, players can also opt for the classic Borderlands co-op style if they prefer, where loot is shared and matchmaking are more restrictive

Borderlands 3 is slated to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (timed Epic Games Store exclusivity) on 13 September 2019. A Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event will be happening on 1 May 2019, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can rewatch the announcement trailer below for now.


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