Apex Legends is that one battle royale that dropped out of nowhere and still managed to undercut the competition. The game successfully attracted a player base of more than 10 million players in a span of less than a month.

The game offers 9 different Legends with different skills catering to a slew of different playstyles, not to mention that some Legends work well with others, while some excel even when alone. The current format of three players-per-squad highlights the importance of working together to achieve victory.

A website called Play-Apex compiled the popularity of each character, and no surprise there, the results came out as expected.

For those who can’t see the image, here’s the breakdown:

  1. Wraith (18.7%)
  2. Octane (16.8%)
  3. Lifeline (15.1%)
  4. Pathfinder (13.3%)
  5. Bangalore (12.8%)
  6. Bloodhound (7.8%)
  7. Mirage (6.2%)
  8. Caustic (4.9%)
  9. Gibraltar (4.3%)

Wraith holds the number one spot simply because her survival rate is off the charts, thanks to her skillset, especially her passive Voices From The Void that warns of impending danger. Another interesting piece of fact worth mentioning is that her hitbox is 140% smaller than that of Gibraltar, the dude at the bottom of the list.

This means that if you were to unleash a full blast of a Peacekeeper shotgun, only three pellets would hit Wraith considering her slouched character model and tiny hitbox, resulting in a damage value of less than 70, which is barely enough to break even a blue body shield. On the other hand, Gibby will have taken all the pellets which would amount to 140 damage, which is lethal without a body shield.

Octane is our second most popular Legend, probably because he was just released a few weeks ago and considering his fun playstyle, it’s no surprise that he lands second on the list.

Harder or weaker characters drop to the bottom of the list. Caustic is a hard Legend to play due to his massive hitbox and highly situational skillset. Mirage is lower on the list because it takes a while for the players to unlock him, same goes to Caustic.

However, the win rate of each character is different from the chart above, except for Wraith of course.

This goes to show that popular characters have no correlation to their win rate.

The data obtained is interesting and could probably be used for future analysis, but for now, I would prefer to simply enjoy the game and wait for more fresh content from Apex Legends developer Respawn.

In the meantime, check out our well-updated guide to see if there’s anything you could add. After all, we’re all gamers helping each other out in the same community.



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