A new Overwatch Archives event is coming this month. Dubbed ‘Storm Rising’, this event will be available on 16 April and would last until 6 May.

The event will be the third chapter of Archives, after Uprising and Retribution. Storm Rising takes place six years before the current day and focuses on a squad consisting of Genji, Winston, and Mercy, led by our poster girl, Tracer, in their quest to nab the Omnic Talon boss, Maximilien, before he disappears again.

Storm Rising will add into the vast Overwatch lore, as we’ve already been introduced to another name in the game, Sojourn, through an audio log on Twitter.

As usual, these events will feature a lot of new hero interactions, cutscenes and more PvE missions centred around the lore. Expect to play the previous missions, Uprising and Retribution, as well as earning all the previous cosmetics.



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