In the recent issue of Epic snagging games from Steam, we’re often quick to shift our view to one side of the fence, but never the other. Today, that fence has been lowered.

A former Steam employee has let some secrets on how bad Valve’s game market monopoly has affected developers. Richard Geldrich just recently dropped his job at Valve. His decision was backed by numerous current and ex-Valve developers.

Tim Sweeney, Epic CEO, supports the idea of speaking up against tech industry stuff.

Rather than me typing a long wall of text that’s surely gonna get glossed over, let us break it down for you;

  • Epic Games Store is the common target when talking about spyware, but when Valve gathers huge amounts of data through the Steam client, no one bats an eye.

  • Valve takes away 30% of the profit from the developers.

  • Epic has actually given developers a better chance to come out with a better deal.

Again, it’s not surprising to see us gamers jumping the gun when it comes to controversies like this. Little do gamers know that developing games are very hard. So, when Epic Games Store starts offering games, it’s practically a good move to break Steam’s harsh revenue sharing percentage, giving developers more space to create more games.

Yes, there are pros and cons of having multiple clients on your PC, and the slew of great features Steam offers is irresistible to pass along. Then again, we have to look at the bigger picture.

I’d love to be on the fence on this one. However, since it basically determines the future of the games industry, it’s imperative that we push aside sentiments to make it better for all.


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