Did you love the three-part Rurouni Kenshin film? Because I sure did! While the first film tried to find its footing, the movies after that were awesome. So I’m pretty hyped at the fact that there’s going to be another Rurouni Kenshin live-action film next year announced by Warner Bros Japan.

No wait, make that TWO films next year. The adaptations will mark the last chapter of the live-action film series; the first is titled Jūji Kizu no Nazo (Mystery of the Cross-Shaped Scar) and the second is Saikyō no Teki・Enishi (Most Terrifying Enemy – Enishi).

Takeru Satoh will be playing Kenshin Himura again, and Keishi Otomo will helm director duties once more. With the success of the previous films -they garnered US$160 million internationally- it’s no surprise that WB wants to make lightning strike twice.


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