Earlier today, someone managed to leak the footage of Avengers Endgame, and it wasn’t just any footage. It was almost five minutes of footage cut from what seems to be the climax of the movie.

For ethical reasons, I won’t reveal them here. What’s disappointing is that this comes just one week before the release of Avengers Endgame on 24 April 2019. It’s a big deal because this didn’t happen to just any superhero movie, but arguably the most ambitious one yet.

Some Words Of Advice…

Spreading spoilers on social media or to other people regardless of your intentions are bad. You never know how that could ruin the experience for everyone else. Even if you don’t mind getting spoilers, it’s never a good thing to spread them around.

While some of you may be considering a complete online blackout, we’re delighted to say that most of the leaked footage has been taken down. So if you don’t go actively search for them, it most likely won’t appear on your timeline (unless you have some really obnoxious trolls as friends, in which case, get new ones).

Be vigilant, be patient, it’s only 8 more days to Avengers Endgame. You’ve waited for almost a year. What’s another week or so? Do it for the fallen.

If you won’t listen to us, listen to Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel herself.


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