In a “no s*** Sherlock” moment in gaming news, we will be getting a sequel to the acclaimed 2017 action adventure title Horizon: Zero Dawn. It is a given, considering how bloody successful the game is from a critical and commercial point of view.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is confirmed recently by actress Janina Gavankar during the Star Wars Celebration 2019. For those who don’t know, Janina voiced the character Tatai in the Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds.

She told a Star Wars fan on the above video the following (via Reddit’s ninjyte): “Just wait ’til you see the sequel, you’re gonna die.” She added that she knows a few secrets and there’s going to be a big reveal of the game soon.

Janina probably meant at this year’s PlayStation Experience event which is god-knows-when. We do know it won’t be at E3 2019. In any case, you should be excited because:

  • You get to hunt down robot dinosaurs.
  • You get to hunt down robot animals.
  • Main character Aloy’s weapons and traps are sweet.
  • The game’s tower-climbing missions are more fun here.

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