In case you haven’t heard, restoration efforts are being made to restore and fix Paris’ Notre Dame following a recent fiery accident. To keep up the trend that video games can truly help in such dire times, the Assassin’s Creed series can help restore the Paris cathedral thanks to the game’s 3D mapping for its historical buildings in its setting.

The game in question? The Paris-set Assassin’s Creed Unity, arguably the worst game of the series thanks to repetitive gameplay, copy-pasta plot, and bugs like these:


Anyway, a Verge report back in 2014 said that the game’s senior level designer Caroline Miousse has spent two years building the game’s version of the iconic cathedral. She worked with texture artists so that no brick was out of place, as well as with historians to make its interior as historically accurate as possible.

While not completely accurate -this is a game where you need to climb onto stuff and parkour to victory, so some liberties are taken- this can help in recreating and rebuilding the burnt-down bits of the cathedral. Better late than never to find a use for one of Ubisoft’s darkest hours in open world gaming, right?


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