Game Informer Australia Officially Shutting Down

Game Informer Australia will be shutting down following orders from EB Games to stop production. The Australian version of the long-running games magazine publication has published 113 issues since its launch over a decade ago in 2009.

As revealed by Game Informer Australia editor David Milner on Twitter, this is the result of the magazine’s owner, EB Games, making budget cuts due to the parent company Gamestop failing to procure a buyer in the past several months.

Milner clarified that Game Informer Australia was recently still selling well in the country, with readership up over 19 percent over the last year alone. Unfortunately, ad sales did not reflect the actual readership numbers.

Not only that, but Milner was quite an accomplished and critically-acclaimed writer as well, having won Best Gaming Journalist, Best Columnist, and Best Gaming Coverage at the local IT Journalism Awards.

Australians will still be getting their monthly dose of Game Informer magazine, though it will be the American version from now on. Although that is small compensation for readers, we wish all the best to our fellow journalists who previously worked at Game Informer Australia in their future endeavors.

The featured image in this article was actually the most recent cover for Game Informer Australia featuring Remedy Entertainment’s Control (April 2019 Issue), which has now sadly turned out to be its very last.

Game Informer Australia Last Cover


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