Bad news for Mortal Kombat Indonesian fans: the latest instalment will not be out in the Southeast Asian region until further notice.

In a recent tweet from Warner Bros. Interactive, the game will not be out in the Indonesian market to ensure that it is compliant with local laws within the country. The decision may be further reviewed at a later date.

This is further confirmed by Indonesian distributor of Warner Bros. titles Hengky Tanuwidjaja, stating that both pre-orders for the physical and digital versions are now null and void. Hengky did not disclose more than that.

Whether this is due to the game’s excessive violence, or the fact that the Indonesian government isn’t so keen with having a game like Mortal Kombat selling in Indonesian store shelves is up for speculation.

So far, the only other games banned in Indonesia in recent memory are Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The former is due to its setting that portrays an Indonesian-like island as a hellscape (bad for tourism) and the latter for the game’s fictional terrorist group Darah dan Doa (Blood and Prayer) which feels like a direct attack to the then-Indonesian regime.

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